wet carpet damage

Flooding can happen at any place and at any time. Flooding can be due to a leak in the plumbing system, or due to excessive rain that leads to a natural flood. The first property that gets damaged in a home due to flood or water leakage is the carpets. Water damage carpet drying process is a very delicate process, which needs experience and patience. Here are a few do’s and don’ts on water damage carpet drying process.

Do’s – Water Damage Carpet Drying

Identify the leakage

The first and foremost thing you have to do is identify the reason for water damage. If it’s due to excessive rain then you cannot do much about it. But if it’s due to water dripping from the tap or due to leakage in the plumbing, then you should identify it in the first place.

Fix the leakage

If it’s due to water dripping from the tap or due to a leakage in the plumbing system, then you should fix those issues. If you are not able to fix it by yourself, then you can seek the help of a professional water damage restoration service in Brisbane to fix the leakage issue.

Similarly, if the issue is due to flooding from excessive rain, then apart from the carpets, the house should also be completely cleaned. Here you can seek help from an emergency flood damage restoration service in Brisbane.

Open all windows and doors

When you have a water damaged carpet at home, you should immediately open the windows and doors. This will lead to the flow of fresh air and this help in the drying of wet carpet. 

Soak the excess water with a towel

If the carpet is completely soaked in water, then you can use the towels to remove the excess water from the carpet. You have to gently cover the carpet with a towel and press it using your hands to drain the water from the carpet. This will speed up the carpet drying. This will work only when a part of the carpet is soaked in water. But when the whole carpet is completely soaked in water, then you can contact the best carpet drying professionals in Brisbane to seek professional advice.

Use dehumidifiers in the room

Using dehumidifiers in the room can also improve the process or water damaged carpet drying. The dehumidifiers will absorb the moisture in the room and this will improve the carpet drying process.

Don’ts – Water Damage Carpet Drying

Dry the carpet completely

When you are drying the wet carpet, you have to make sure the carpet is completely dry. When there is dampness, even in a part of the carpet it may lead to mould growth under the carpet. And if left unattended, you might need the help of a mould removal company in Brisbane to remove the mould.

Do not deep clean by yourself

If there is huge water damage, then the carpets will need a deep clean and you might need the help of professionals. When the water level is above 1 cm, then the carpets will need deep cleaning. Deep cleaning of carpets can be done only by professionals. So, if your carpet needs a deep cleaning, then call professionals.

Do not clean yourself if its due to sewage water overflowing

If the water damage is due to sewage water overflowing, then the whole carpet will be contaminated by the sewage water. When you try to clean the sewage water contaminated carpet, it may lead to allergy issues and this is the job of professionals. A professionally trained carpet cleaner will ensure that the carpet is free from any contamination.

These are the dos and don’ts one has to follow when drying a water damaged carpet. As explained in the article, if the carpet needs a deep cleaning or if the carpet is contaminated by sewage water, then it is better to call a professional carpet cleaning and drying company in Brisbane to clean and dry the carpets.