Water Damage Restoration Brisbane

We offer a complete water damage, water removal and carpet cleaning solution
minimising loss from the initial project and preventing further loss.

We use odour removal systems, pack out systems, complete wash down solutions, air movers, humidifiers, and above all else, fully experienced water removal experts

At Water Damage Brisbane, we offer the best water damage restoration service in Brisbane with qualified water damage technicians who can quickly respond in our emergency response vehicles.  If your Brisbane property has been affected by water or floods, don’t worry – we will be there within the hour to assess the water damage and minimise the devastation to your home or business.

Our technicians will evaluate the water damage and prioritise the need for water extraction, bacteria removal, mould remediation, carpet or floor drying, carpet or floor cleaning and water stain removal.

In case,  if the damage is extensive, it will require drying of the walls and wall boards.  Whether made of concrete or timber, the floors are usually the most effected and often require replacement of skirting boards, shaving and refitting of doors and other repairs.

We are experienced in working closely with insurance companies to ensure water damage restoration in Brisbane is carried out to everyone’s satisfaction.  Water damage disasters in Brisbane can cause extensive devastation, so we are here to give you the best flood restoration service possible.

Our licensed and professional services are available for both residential and commercial clients in South East Queensland.

  • Caboolture
  • Northlakes
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Jimboomba
  • Beenleigh
  • Ipswich
  • Logan
  • Browns Plains
  • Beaudesert
  • Kangaroo Point
  • Fortitude Valley
Why you should act quickly when there is a water damage in your property in Brisbane?

It is very important to act quickly when there is a water damage in your property in Brisbane. Because, the longer it takes to extract water, the more damage it can do to the building and structure.

When the water stagnates for a long period it can seep into floors, walls and ceilings, and this will cause to weaken the structure and it will result in growth of mould and bacteria. Moreover, when left attended for a long period, the water damage restoration process will take longer and the cost of water damage restoration will increase considerably.

So, it is really important to act ASAP when you have a flood or water damage in your property to minimize it impact.

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Water Damage Restoration Service Offered By Us

Water Damage Restoration

We undertake all kind of water damage restoration in Brisbane, be it due to strom, sewage blockage, plumbing leak or water damage due to leak in appliances.

Carpet Drying

Our qualified carpet drying technicians have the technology and experience to dry and restore your water damaged carpet leaving it fresh and sanitised.

Water Stain Removal

We have the necessary high quality cleaning technology to effectively remove all water stains from carpet, curtains, upholstery and flooring.

Floor Drying

Our experienced cleaning technicians are fully insured and licensed to ensure all floor drying services are carried out to your complete satisfaction

Bacteria Removal

We use only the best quality deep cleansing chemicals to safely and effectively remove all traces of bacteria from your carpet and/or flooring and restore it to its pristine condition

Mould Removal

We have the knowhow and experience to safely remove mould, clean affected surfaces and treat problem areas to stop further mould growth and keeping your family safe.

Are you looking for any of the above services in Brisbane and surrounding areas?
What are the types of water damage

Water damage in Brisbane can happen due to several reasons. There are several types of water damage and here are some of the most occurring types of water damage.

Water damage due to flooding: Water damage due to flooding happens due to natural calamities like excessive rain or flooding of rivers. When there is a heavy rain due to cyclone or hurricanes, water damage can occur due to flooding. The water damage due to flood needs to be cleaned immediately as they may contain water from sewage, and may also have debris and chemicals.

Water damage due to plumbing leaks: Water damage due to leaks in plumbing happens when there is damage in the pipes or faucets in the building. This is more dangerous if  a pipe running through the wall starts leaking. In this case, it can cause the whole wll to get wet and if its not noticed for a long period, it may lead to mould growth inside the wall.

Water damage sue to leak in appliance: Large appliances such as washing machines, dish waters, and water heaters are directly connected to the plumbing line. If these appliances start to develop a leak, this may be lead to water damage to areas surrounding these appliances.

Water damage due to fire suppression equipments: When there is a fire in the building or in rare cases, if the fire suppression system malfunctions, this may lead to water damage in the property. This kind of water damage mostly impacts the walls, ceilings, furniture and other properties like an art on the wall.

Water damage due to sewage overflow: Sewage overflow can cause when the sewer line connecting the building to the main line gets blocked. When there is a sewage overflow, its going to be really messy, and as it will contain bacteria’s it may cause serious health issues to the occupants if its not cleared immediately.

Our water damage restoration process in Brisbane

Inspection and assessment:

The first step in the water damage restoration process after getting a call is to reach the place as soon as possible. After reaching the place, our technician will inspect the whole place and assess the damage. After the inspection and assessment, we will plan the course of action.

Water Extraction:

The next step in our water damage restoration process is to remove the excess water from the property. As an experienced water damage restoration company in Brisbane, we will be using the latest and specialized equipment to remove excess water from the affected area.

Drying and dehumidification

After removing the excess water from the affected area, our technicians will start to work on the drying and the dehumidification process. This process will ensure that the affected water damage area is completely dried without any wet patches.

Cleaning and sanitizing

After completing the drying and dehumidification process, our technician will clean and sanitize the affected area. Our expert team will also check for any mould or bacteria growth and ensure that the affected area is free of any bacteria and mould.

Final inspection

After completing all the above steps, and as a final step of our water damage restoration process, our technicians will conduct a final inspection and make sure that the water damage is completely restored and the client is completely satisfied with the work done

Why you should always choose a professional to fix water damage

Hiring a professional water damage restoration company in Brisbane is suggested because:

  • They can properly assess the extent of the damage
  • Determine the best course of action
  • Properly clean and repair the affected area
  • Identify potential health hazards
  • Ensure that the area is properly disinfected to prevent mold growth
  • Navigate the insurance claim process
  • Ensure that you receive fair compensation for the damages
  • Minimize the risk of further damage
  • Ensure the safety of your home
  • Save you time and money in the long run
Why choose us for your water damage restoration needs?

We know that going through a water damage incident can become quite stressful and the process of restoration can be daunting.

With years of experience here is why we are the best fit to fix the water damage in your property and bring it back to its original form.

  • Access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment
  • Quick response time to minimize the damage
  • Skilled and trained technicians who know how to handle different types of water damage
  • Properly licensed and insured
  • 24/7 availability to handle emergency situations
  • Provide a detailed and accurate assessment and estimate
  • Transparent pricing and billing
  • Work with all insurance companies


After many years dealing with a wide range of water damage emergencies, we have a long list of satisfied clients. We place a priority level on customer service not only to give good value for money but to build a strong list of loyal customers who will give us return business together with referring us to their family and friends. Without doubt, this will eventually be the mainstay success of our business. Here is what some of them have to say about our services: