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We offer professional mould removal in Brisbane at affordable price. We ensure that the mould is completely removed and our mould removal process will make sure that the building will be free of mould in the future too.

We offer complete mould removal service for both residential and commercial properties in Brisbane. Our mould removal process takes care of air purification, removal of excess humidity in the building, and removal of visible and airborne mould.

Most of the people when they see mould in their properties try to fix the issue by themselves. When you try to remove mould by yourself, you will only be removing visible mould. But the issue with the mould is it can grow within the walls, and it can be invisible too.

As mould removal is a complex process, you should always get help from mould removal experts in Brisbane. Contact us on 07 2102 4847 to remove mould from your property in Brisbane.

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Why you should remove mould immediately from your property in Brisbane?

 As an experienced and professional water damage restoration service in Brisbane, we always suggest our clients to remove mould immediately from their property when they see it.

When mould is left untreated for a long time, it can weaken the structure and foundation of the building. Apart from weakening the building, mould can also be hazardous to the health of the residents. Especially when you have elders and children living on the property, they can be impacted by respiratory problems.

Mould’s can be very dangerous, as it causes health hazards to the residents, and if left untreated it may even weaken the structure of the building. And wet carpets provide favourable environment for mould growth. So, we always suggest drying wet carpets as soon as possible.

When homeowners and office owners in Brisbane face issues with mould in their property, our experienced team is always ready to help 24/7. For professional mould removal service in Brisbane, kindly call us on 07 2102 4847


Mould removal services offered by us in Brisbane

Mould Inspection

Detecting mould earlier is very important, regular mould inspection will help you to identify mould in your property at a very early stage. When we identify mould at an early stage, it will save thousands of dollars in mould removal process, as mould can grow very fast.

We offer mould inspection in Brisbane with a team of trained and experienced professionals.


Mould testing and analysis

Mould’s can be really dangerous to the health of the residents living in the property affected by mould. If the residents of the property get health issues regularly, or if you see visible mould in your property, then it is suggested to test your property for mould infection.

Our mould testing service in Brisbane will analyse the type of mould and the spore count present in your property. Our mould analysis will provide you with detailed report and a custom mould remediation plan to make your property mould free.


Wet carpet drying

Wet carpets are breeding ground for mould’s. As a professional wet carpet drying Brisbane experts, we dry the carpets completely when its affected by water damage, and ensure that there is no mould growth on the carpet

This helps it’s residents from any health issues and saves the property from any structural weakening.

Our highly trained and experienced team will remove all the visible mould, and also ensures that there is no mould growth in the future.


The process to book our mould cleaning and removal service in Brisbane

Call us to fix an appointment

Once you see mould in your property, you can give us a call on 07 2102 4847 to schedule an appointment for mould inspection in your property


On-site mould inspection

Our experienced mould removal experts will reach your location on the scheduled time, and do a complete mould inspection. During the inspection, they will answer all your questions about mould removal.


Get the mould inspection report

After we complete the mould inspection, you will get a comprehensive report including the cost of removing the mould, the process that will be used to remove mould, and how long will it take to complete the process.


Finally book your mould removal service in Brisbane

With all these information on hand, you can book our mould removal service with confidence and receive professional service.


Mould removal process we use to remove mould from your property in Brisbane

As a professional mould removal company in Brisbane, we do not only remove visible mould, but we also treat and remove hidden moulds. Due to our detailed mould removing process, the moulds will not grow back for a long period.

Here is outline of our mould removal process in Brisbane



The first step in our mould removal process is to assess the extent of damage caused by the mould. Infact, when we come for the mould inspection, we will be giving you a detailed assessment on the impact of mould on your property.

During the assessment process, we will identify the type of mould, the source of moisture, and the extent of damage caused by the mould.



The next step in our mould removal process is to contain the spread of mould from the affected area to the non affected areas. We will also use negative air pressure machines to vacuum the moisture and to stop the spread of the mould.


Mould removal

Once the area is contained, the mould is removed using specialized equipment and techniques. And this process may involve removing contaminated materials, such as drywall or carpet, or using high-powered vacuums and air scrubbers to remove mould spores from the air.

During this process, we ensure that all the visible and hidden moulds are completely removed.



After removing the mould, we will be completely cleaning the area. We will also be using the antimicrobial solutions to destroy any remaining mould spores.



And finally we will check for any damage on flooring or on the carpets. If there are any damage, we will then work on restoration process. As an experienced water damage restoration service in Brisbane, we will the required expertise, skill and equipments to complete the restoration process.


Why you should choose our mould removal service in Brisbane?


We provide 24/7 mould removal in Brisbane

As an experienced mould removal service in Brisbane, we offer our service 24/7 all 365 days. As we offer complete water damage restoration services, we are always open


Safe mould removal

We offer safe and non toxic mould removal in Brisbane, and we ensure that the mould is removed completely


Pre-inspection report

Before starting our mould removal process, we will be providing you with a pre-inspection report containing the cost, process and timeframe to complete the process


Highly experienced

Our mould removal team is highly experienced, and we have successfully removed mould from several properties in Brisbane. We also use the latest equipments to remove mould.


How much does it cost to remove mould in Brisbane?

The cost to remove mould depends on the type of mould and extent of the damage it has cost. The average cost to remove mould in Brisbane starts from around 400 Australian dollars.


How long does it take to remove mould in Brisbane?

This again depends on the type of mould and how much mould is present in the property. If the mould is just starting to spread, then it can be removed in a days time.

But, if it has already spread across the room, then it might take few days to complete the mould removal.


Other water damage restoration service we offer

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