Our Qualified mold Technicians are licensed and fully insured to assess the amount of water damage sustained and take actions to resolve any mold problem you might have. Mold remediation can be done with removal and testing of the mold to ensure that it has all been removed and does not return. Our professionals will take extra care that the mold does not spread and that the chemicals used for removal are 100% safe. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes the danger to our health that mold can present and recommends getting large areas of mold cleaned by a professional to ensure the mold is completely removed and does not return. Queensland Health has a very informative fact sheet on dealing with mold after a flood (mold lab trays can be downloaded here). Remember, do not treat mold/bacteria lightly. You may think you have removed it with an ‘off the shelf’ cleaner but in many cases, it still remains! We give you the best mold removal Brisbane.

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Do you often wonder to yourself ‘how can I find mold removal services near me’? Well, we are your local mold removal business. When you believe that there is a mold issue with your home or commercial premises in Brisbane, Water Damage Brisbane have Professionals who will inspect the property and assess any mold problems. We have the preparation knowledge, tools, and experience to manage the situation if mold is detected. Mold is the unwanted fungus, which develops and will continue to grow if left unchecked. Mold will spread in your cupboards, dark cavities, walls and ceilings and will increasingly emit extremely fine spores into the air for you and your family to breathe in which will then settle in your lungs. So, as well as looking dirty and unappealing, mold can also be very dangerous to the health and safety of any persons in the premises. This makes mold removal vital.

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We are going to great lengths to ensure that you are completely happy with the result of our mold removal Brisbane services. At the very beginning, we carry out an intensive mold review to ensure that you are aware of the most obvious source of the mold and what steps need to be taken. Our expertise involves mold measurements, scopes followed up with the full-scale removal of mold throughout the premises.

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Are you looking for a mold removal services company? We have a great team of professionals based all over South East Queensland. You are invited to talk to our team about your mold problem and perhaps scheduling a time with our experienced technician. We have the required professional knowledge in all property types and locations in the Brisbane area to assure families, retiree’s and professional couples can live happily in mold-free homes.

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